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4 Things Your Dog Needs for Fall

It is almost the end of summer and fall is fast approaching. This means that you can expect the temperatures to start getting lower and more leaves on the ground. For a lot of people, the fall months are a great time of year when you can still get outdoors with your pooch. In order to have fun with your furry friend, there are a few things they are going to need. Let’s take a look at four things your canine needs for a fab fall.


A Jacket

When the temperatures start to drop after summer, your furry friend might need some help adjusting. In particular, if your canine has short fur then they are going to feel the cold more than dogs that have long coats. Therefore, your pooch will need a jacket for the fall months. There are a lot of adorable jackets out there that will keep your canine warm. In addition, if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of rain, there are also raincoats for your dog too.

A Warm Bed

There is going to be less daylight hours during the fall months and this will decrease further into winter. This is going to make it colder at night for your canine. In order for them to stay warm when they are sleeping, it is best to invest in a warm bed. There are fluffy ones and others made from insulating materials. In addition, you can add woof blankets to their bed so that they can snuggle up and be cozy during the fall months.

Essential Oils

During the fall months, there are a lot more bonfires, fireworks and social gatherings. There may even be more people coming to your door when it is Halloween. If you have an anxious canine, this is not going to be a good time of year for them. But there are a few things that you can try to calm your canine down and make them feel relaxed and safe. For example, some people swear by essential oils. Some oils can have a calming effect, such as lavender. So, not only will your home smell good but it may also bring your canine some peace. Some other good essential oils you can try include frankincense and violet leaf. Ensure that you always check the essential oil and that it is safe for dogs before using it.

Flea Treatment

It is always recommended that your canine enjoys regular flea treatment. This allows them to venture outdoors and make other furry friends without worrying about getting fleas from other animals. This is something that you can get done at the vet or you can do it yourself on a monthly basis. One thing to realize is that the fall months mean the temperature is going to drop. This means that you are more likely to have the heating on in your home. This can mean that flea eggs hatch and the fleas will end up reproducing on your pup. Thus, now is the best time to start flea treatment if you have not already.

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