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Buying A Dog Collar For Your Paw Friend? Know-How Tight It Should Be

Your fluffy baby is your lifetime companion and there’s nobody in the world you would pour your heart for so much like them. But did you ever question to yourself that your dog collar might be hurting them? A lot of us are interested in buying dog collars Canada for our dogs but are unaware of their fitting.

What Does An Accurately-Fitting Dog Collar Look Like?

For your information, a dog collar’s perfect fitting is characterized by its capability to be able to sit around your dog’s neck comfortably, without causing them any pain or discomfort whatsoever. The dog collar should also sit flat against your dog’s coat and there must be adequate space between their coat and the collar.

Avoid getting carried away by the style and design of your dog collar, and rather focus on their comfort.

The Need For Dog Collars

You must buy a dog collar for your four-legged buddy. In a lot of countries, dogs not wearing a collar is seen to be an illegal act. The collar helps you as an owner to hold your dog sans hurting them anyhow. And collars are also the place, where attach the dog lease as well. One of the primary roles played by a dog collar is that aids in identifying your dog when and if they go missing. By just attaching a name label with the owner’s address and contact details on their collar, you can find our lost dog quickly. View your dog collar as their unique ID.

The Importance Of A Well-Fitting Collar

Getting the perfect size for your size dog collar for your dog is important for the safety of your dog and its owner as well.

What Happens When The Dog Collar Is Loose?

  • A loose dog collar will slip off anytime and here are some of the reasons why it is a matter of concern:
  • A slipped dog collar indicates the absence of control.
  • The chances of your dog running straight into the main road and getting injured are on the higher side.
  • If and when your dog slips out of its collar, they can run away from your locality and get bitted by other dogs or injure strays.
  • A loose collar also means a safety hazard, and there’s a chance your dog might get caught on either your tree branches, fence, or furniture and suffocate themselves.

What Happens When The Dog Collar Is Tight?

  • A Tight dog collar might
  • Restrict the airways of your paw-friend.
  • Cause discomfort to your dog.
  • Might lead to chaffing in your dog.
  • Can restrict your dog’s blood flow to their brain.
  • Might lead to a loss in skin and fur around your dog’s neck and lead to serious infections

Measuring Your Dog’s Neck To Buy The Best-Fitting Dog Collar

Three simple steps will help you to measure the neck size of your four-legged friend.

·         Step One:

Invest in a soft measuring tape. The soft measuring tape is the only way to help you measure the neck size of the dog.

·         Step Two

Wrap the soft measuring tape around your dog’s neck. Now, keep two of your fingers in between the collar and your dog’s coat to check if the collar is too tight or loose.

·         Step Three

Determine your dog’s accurate neck size, using this measurement technique. Go through the size chart is given on dog collar Canada websites before you make your purchase.

To summarize, for your large dogs, consider buying a thicker dog collar to gain better control over your dog. But for smaller dogs, the wider dog collars might result in chaffing. And once you are done determining the correct size of dog collar, you can browse through the various colors, designs, and shapes available for dog collar Canada.

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