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Can a Dog Overdose on CBD Oil

As the popularity of CBD oil rises and its use becomes mainstream, more and more dog parents are joining the CBD wellness trend. They are educating themselves on the CBD topic and want to learn as much as possible about this herbal product.

One CBD-related issue pet owners are mainly concerned with is the potential side effects and the risk of overdosing.

What Happens if I Give My Dog Too Much CBD Oil?

A recent study overviewing the safety of CBD oil in healthy pets stated that “hemp-based CBD oil appears to be relatively safe in healthy populations of dogs.”

Therefore, giving your dog too much CBD oil is not a particularly concerning issue – worst-case scenario, your dog will sleep off the effects.

This outcome is most likely in otherwise healthy dogs. However, dogs with certain health conditions may need more careful CBD use. For example, in dogs with liver problems, the use of CBD oil requires veterinary approval and usage guidelines.

In a nutshell, it is always advisable to talk to your trusted veterinarian before starting your dog on something new – regardless of whether it is a natural remedy or a prescription medication.

Can a Dog Overdose on CBD Oil?

Dog owners are often concerned about one particular question – Can a dog overdose on CBD oil? Luckily, the answer is no.

In general terms, an overdose is defined as receiving medication in a substantially larger amount than the recommended. CBD oil has extensive safety margins meaning overdosing on CBD oil is virtually impossible. In simple words, a CBD oil overdose cannot kill your dog.

However, as with any other drug or supplement, excessive amounts can trigger certain side effects.

CBD Side Effects in Dogs

If a dog consumes a significant amount of CBD oil (it devoured the CBD package you keep on the counter or CBD peanut butter jar), it may exhibit specific side effects. However, it is questionable whether these side effects stem from the cannabidiol itself or the other ingredients found in the CBD product.

Generally speaking, if a CBD overconsumption scenario occurs, here is what you can expect in your dog.

Dry Mouth

CBD affects the saliva production rate and, if consumed in amounts more prominent than the recommended, will inhibit the average saliva production causing dry mouth.

Therefore it is vital to ensure your dog has constant access to fresh water. In reality, this applies to every dog and every situation, not just dogs using CBD.


Relaxation is one of the beneficial effects of CBD. However, if the time-out is too intense, borderline with lethargy, it is considered a side effect.

This may seem scary, but the good news is your dog can just sleep it off and, after the nap, be as good as new.

Low Blood Pressure

CBD can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure – a condition scientifically termed hypotension.

A dog with lowered blood pressure will feel extra sleepy, nauseous, and dizzy. Once again, a good nap will combat these effects.


Basically, any product (drug, supplement) has the potential to cause loose stool in dogs.

If your dog is an experienced CBD user but developed diarrhea after switching to a new brand, check the carrier oils in the CBD product. Some dogs can be sensitive to certain carrier oils.

Choosing Pet-Friendly CBD Oil

The ideal pet-friendly CBD oil for your dog should be:

●     Derived from organically grown hemp using CO2 extraction techniques.

●     Labeled as full-spectrum meaning, it contains various cannabinoids and other compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, which work together synergistically.

●     Contains at maxim .03% THC – CBD products for pets must be sourced from hemp-derived CBD as THC is toxic to pets.

●     Sourced, manufactured, and packaged in the United States and free from GMO ingredients, and ingredients with questionable qualities and allergenic potentials (dairy, soy, corn).

●     Made by a reputable brand with a Certificate of Analysis.


Although the side effects of CBD oil for dogs are rare, benign, and self-limiting, and overdosing is highly improbable, it is still advisable to be cautious when using this product.

Dogs often respond efficiently to low CBD doses meaning you can start with a lower dose and then work your way up until finding the ideal CBD oil amount for your dog’s condition.

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