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Change the way you care for your pet

It’s natural to wish your precious pet could live forever and to treat them as part of the family. This means you’ll be constantly looking for ways to keep them healthy and happy. To achieve these aims, you may need to consider taking steps to change the way you care for your pet. You couldn’t love and cherish them more, but are there things you can do differently?


Pet welfare organisations and vets provide strong advice on this topic, with good reason. Sadly, though you may think you’re doing your four-legged friend a favour with long walks in all weathers, the opposite could be true! If it’s hot, icy or there’s a lot of salt on pavements, your dog’s paws can be damaged. Heatstroke is also a serious risk for some breeds of pets too.

Your dog can enjoy lots of activity and burn off energy with a few indoor games using a natural dog toy. Also, you can teach an old dog new tricks! This sort of mental stimulation alongside exercise is good for them. The same applies to cats. Confining them indoors in certain weathers may be kinder than letting them wander as usual.

Review what they eat

This is another subject that animal charities often comment on, as well-meaning owners love to share their food with their pets. The Animal Trust is one of the organisations highlighting the human food dogs can eat, and what items are unhealthy or dangerous.

There could be things on the ‘Don’t’ list that come as a shock, like:

  • Chocolate
    • Grapes
    • Raisins
    • Cheese
    • Mushrooms
    • Onions.

A similar list of human food toxic to cats can guide your choices.

Consider what they play with

As mentioned, fun and games in your house and garden are good for pets mentally and physically, but you can change the way you care for your pet by making an important switch. Many mass-produced toys and treat dispensers are made from plastics, rubber and standard rope. Fragments of which can find their way into your pet’s digestive system. Yuck!

Buying a natural dog toy enables them to chew away without risk. This switch is also better for the environment too!

Keep in touch with your Vet

Many pets get anxious when visiting a Vet, so you possibly dread appointments too. One subtle but important way to change the way you care for your pet is to engage with your Vet practice online more. Use their website and emails to grow your understanding of good pet care, and consider chatting with them remotely for some situations.

However, keep up with regular pet vaccines and appointments, as a stressed pet is better than a poorly one.

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