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Destination Weddings – The Secret of a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Many couples dream of having a destination wedding. Whether it’s a mountain in New Zealand, a beach in Bermuda or a simple park in Establie New York, destination weddings require a little more planning than “regular” weddings. In order to plan and efficiently run the wedding of your dream destination while remaining in your budget and refusing to sacrifice the quality, consider the following tips:

Benefits of destination wedding

o Average wedding costs for most couples are about $ 50,000. Destination marriages held at a reasonable location (no private island) typically cost between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000, depending on the number of customers you invite! Having a destination wedding can help you have a luxury wedding on a budget.

o You get more “Bang for your bug” since a destination wedding can serve as a fancy vacation for you and your guests! This makes all the wedding experience that is much more enjoyable.

Plan your destination wedding

Is a destination wedding just for you? Before launching your big plan, consider whether a destination wedding is right for you.

Choose the perfect destination
Imagine your wedding day; Do you see you see it on a beach or a park? Is it hot or cold? Choosing the ideal destination can be a challenge, consider your budget as part of your decision-making. Destination marriages are definitely at hand for those on a budget. The USD currency is strong against emerging market types in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Chile, which means that the US dollar is worth more in these countries. Consider having a destination wedding in one of these countries to take advantage of the exchange rate benefits. For example, 1 USD is 13 pesos. Therefore, if the floral arrangements cost 1,000 pesos, you would only spend 77 USD.

Define the date
Although most weddings take place during the summer months, destination marriages in tropical locations can be excellent for just about any month. In addition, the reservation of an “out of season” wedding can extremely saved on costs. Consider choosing a non-summer date that is also accessible to your friends and family. Once you have set the date, make sure to give customers at least four to six months notice for the great day so that they can give appropriate notice to take off the work or make other arrangements.

Make all the arrangements invited
If you choose to have a destination wedding, it’s up to you and your spouse – book flights and accommodation at the hotel for your guests. You must also decide if it is in your budget to pay all the expenses of your guests or if it will pay the flight and hotel costs themselves. Have funding to pay your guests? Consider reserveing ​​all at a time to get a group rate or discount. If you have a limited budget, consider giving customers a little token to show how much you enjoy their presence, for example, the famous chocolates of your destination or delicious coffee. Also, have a wedding event itinerary for each guest and suggest different tourist sites to see or in places to visit on their downtime.

Ask for help, if necessary
Many brides who wish to have a destination wedding simply do not have time to plan all his details. Hiring a consultant / wedding coordinator can be the perfect remedy for stress overload. It can look for all aspects of wedding and help planning.

Use local sellers
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get things from point A to point B, especially if point B is halfway from the world. Use local florists, caterers, hairdressers, etc. To allow your big day to run a lot more smooth.

Back up
As much as you want the sun shines and the birds chanceling your big day, you never know what Mother Nature has mounted his sleeve. Therefore, always have a plan B. Planning to get married on a beach? Make sure there is an interior place nearby and book space in case the weather does not cooperate.

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