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Essential Ingredients In The Dog Food For Your Healthy Dogs

To be healthy and fit, one must eat quality food. The same rule should be applied to our pets. As a dog owner, one must be responsible for feeding their dog a nutritionally balanced diet tailored to meet their needs and cravings. As you use appropriate feeding practices, it can keep your dog healthy and increase their lifespan.

Food For Your Four-Legged Family Member

According to your furry friend, food is love. But they can be happy with anything that they eat. But a healthy and well-balanced diet for your pet can provide them with fat, protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, fiber, water, and minerals.

Let us look deeper at the ingredient list to understand what is best for your dog’s health.

·       Meat

Meat is the main ingredient you need to include in your pet’s meal. Fresh meat contains amino acids that help the pet avoid dehydration or loss of protein.

At the same time, your pet can digest it easily. Dogs are technically omnivorous. Hence they can survive on both plant and animal-based diets. Providing your pet with organ meat, including liver or heart, can provide your pet with a nutritionally dense meal.

·       Quality Carbs

If your pet has a sensitivity or allergic reaction to carbohydrates, you must avoid it. But 30% carbohydrates in your pet food can keep your pet healthy. You can look for natural carbohydrates like pumpkin, oats, sweet potato, papaya, leafy vegetables, apples, or blueberry.

·       Healthy Fats

Providing the right kind of fat to your pet helps promote a shiny coat and healthy skin to prevent chronic inflammation. Especially Omega 3 fatty acid is a magical element for your pet. If you can provide your pet with food that contains Omega 3 fatty acids, it can do wonders for your pet. You can find these ingredients in food items like egg yolk, flaxseed oil, fish, and olive oil. If you are going for packaged food, you must look for the analysis on the label that ensures the presence of these ingredients in enough quantity.

·       Probiotics

Your pet has colonies of healthy bacteria in its digestive system. If you can provide them with a meal from dr marty, they can benefit from probiotics. Such food can help them to maintain a nutritional balance.

·       Calcium

Like any human, pets also require a variety of vitamins and minerals to stay active and healthy. Calcium is one of the essential ingredients of any dog food. Puppies need this bone-building mineral to have a fit build. Your dog must not have whole bones in their meal. Instead, go for fish which is a good source of calcium. It also contains proteins and healthy fats that can meet various nutritional needs.

Concluding Words

Once you find the right food for your dog, make it a point to keep it safe and fresh. The Food and Drug Administration suggests that every pet owner store their food properly to avoid harmful contaminants. Washing your pet’s food bowls can prevent your pet from deadly diseases.

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