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Fun Toys to Stimulate Your Pet’s Minds

You need to keep your dog mentally stimulated, just as much as he requires physical exercise. Just like humans, dogs will get bored with the same routine every day, they need those mental challenges and exposure to totally new things. If left physically bored, then they may end up following destructive behaviors, taking out their frustration on things like… Your new couch!

That is why you should also invest in pet toys, like from Peggasus Pets, which don’t only help with physical exercise, but your dog’s mind, too. Read on as I show you fun toys and brain games to mentally stimulate your dog!

  1. Puzzle Boards

Dogs can play and solve different puzzle boards and strategy games. As long as they are made for dogs, of course.

You can find numerous puzzle boards designed for dogs, some of which feature different stimulating items such as switches, cones to lift, sliders, hinges, and other things that require techniques to open and uncover treats. These help with your dog’s cognitive abilities as they figure out how to open the puzzle to get their treat.

Such games can also engage a dog’s curiosity and help boost their thinking skills.

  1. Snuffle Mats

Dogs have the natural instincts to forage and hunt for food, which is why you can find them taking hours just to look for a treat that dropped under furniture. Hone your dog’s hunting and foraging skills with a snuffle mat, which is designed like a garden with dense grass and flowers, along with different puzzles.

These mats would trigger a dog’s smelling instinct, which is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Place treats in different areas of the mat to maximize their playtime and keep them from sniffing other parts of the house.

  1. Puzzle Chew Toys

There are awesome puzzle chew toys made for dogs who prefer chewing over solving puzzles. This is a chew toy and mental puzzle in one, offering yummy treats afterward. Be sure to select those made of durable and safe-to-chew rubber.

  1. Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are meant to trigger excitement and playfulness in dogs, triggering their natural hunting instincts. Some interactive toys act like puzzles, with different nudges, pokes, taps, and more things to do to release treats.

Some interactive toys have rotating disc designs and come in different styles, such as scientist-themed toys, colorful bones, and the like.

  1. Treat Balls

If your dog is a fan of tennis balls, then they will like mental-stimulating IQ treat balls. It dispenses food depending on the positions your dog rolls it around, letting your dog’s brain work hard until they are tired. It even comes with an adjustable interior disk, allowing you to increase the difficulty levels.                                                                           

Wrapping It Up

The right toys will ensure your dog is having fun, taking away his frustration and attention from your furniture. Invest in any of these mind-stimulating pet toys for your dog to entertain himself with while you’re busy or out of the house!

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