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Get going with some Yorkie puppy

Having a puppy in the household can make life exciting and joyful. Slowly it becomes part of the family. Just as you take care of the health of your loved ones, you should make sure your puppy is healthy as well. Often dishonest dog sellers sell sick puppies to buyers which do not survive for long. Puppies do not have as much immunity as older dogs so if they are not under proper care, they will quickly catch diseases and even with treatment they fail to live. Therefore while buying a puppy; you need to be extra careful.

Since Yorkie is a toy breed, you need to be even more careful than usual while buying a Yorkie puppy.   They are considerably expensive therefore you would not want spend all that money on an unhealthy puppy.  Pay a little attention and you will be able to spot a sick puppy if there is one in the litter. Yorkie puppies are normally very active and play around most of the time expect after exercise and eating. So if a puppy is inactive and is looking tired, there must be something wrong with it. Also carefully observe its walk. Normally Yorkie puppies walk just fine on plain surfaces and struggle a little bit on uneven grounds. But if you see a puppy that is struggling even on plain ground, then it is almost certain that it is not healthy.

  • Neither very dominating nor too submissive.
  • Not very much aggressive but should be able to stand ground with the other pups.
  • Should not have excessive biting tendency but is all right if it nibbles on a finger or a toy.
  • The puppy should be of alert nature and must be confident. A puppy should not be nervous and easily scared.

Finally, in order to evaluate a Yorkie puppy’s personality, you need to spend some time alone with a puppy and go for Dog Grooming products. If you have picked out two or three pups then you will have to spend time with each puppy.  Observe the puppy’s behavior when it is with you as you two will have to stay under one roof. How the puppy does behaves when it is away from other puppies of its kind? Is the personality same or is it different?  Is the puppy becomes more timid or does he more excited than ever. Buying a puppy sounds simple but it is not in real life. Therefore take your time and make the best decision.

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