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How to protect your dog from unexpected illness

We all love our dogs and want to do the best we can for them. They are part of our family and keeping them healthy and happy is important. Unexpected illnesses are not only upsetting for the owner and the dog, but they can also be extremely costly. However, there are some things that you can do to keep your dog as healthy as possible.


Making sure your dog has a healthy diet is essential. Meat is usually the main dietary source, but dogs can also benefit from other nutrients that they can gain from grains, fruits and vegetables. Many dog treats on the market are vegetarian based, which will help to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals they need.

Some breeds of dogs require a special diet, so make sure that you get professional advice from your vet if you have a breed of dog that needs additional supplements. Also, if your dog has any health conditions, make sure you get professional advice on what your dog should be eating. Never let your dog become overweight either, as obesity in dogs can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.


Your dog must get the correct amount of exercise according to its size, weight and breed. Most dogs need to be exercised at least twice a day. Small dogs may only need thirty minutes of exercise a day, but a larger dog may require up to two hours or more. Make sure you exercise your dog somewhere safe, such as in a park or the open countryside, so that it can have a good run if possible. Exercise helps a dog maintain a healthy weight and helps prevent them from developing joint problems. It also keeps them mentally stimulated and alert.


Your dog needs to be inoculated against certain diseases and illnesses. In the first year of its life, the dog will get its first injections and then it will need regular boosters. Your vet will advise you how often your dog should receive a booster injection. All dogs should receive the following inoculations:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine infectious hepatitis
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Kennel cough

If you are at all worried about your dog at any point, or if your dog injures itself or swallows something it shouldn’t have, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Unexpected illnesses do happen, unfortunately, so it’s advisable to also invest in good pet insurance from a reputable company such as Petsure, so if the worst does happen and your four-legged friend does develop an illness, your pet insurance can help cover the financial costs.

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