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How to slim down an obese dog

Just like in humans, obesity in dogs poses severe consequences to their health.  It predisposes your canine to disorders such as:

  • Arthritis – the heavyweight put pressure on the dog’s joints.
  • Heart and breathing conditions – fat dogs are highly susceptible to heart diseases and high blood pressure. Collapsing of the trachea and laryngeal paralysis are also disorders related to overweight dogs, inducing breathing difficulties.
  • Skin diseases – obese canines develop skin folds that are prone to bacterial infections and irritation.
  • Tumors – benign fatty tumors are prevalent in obese dogs.
  • Short lifespan and low quality of life.
  • Diabetes

Over time, research has shown that overweight dogs have an average of up to 21/2 years shorter lives than their healthy body weight counterparts. Early death is mostly seen among overweight dogs. As a result, many dog owners are struggling with weight loss and weight management for their dogs now more than ever.

Below are techniques that will help your fat dog shed weight.

Watch your dog’s calorie intake and reduce food portions

Excess calories are stored in the body as fat. Consequently, the lesser calories, the lesser the fat stored. It is, therefore, essential to control and reduce your dog’s calorie intake. Additionally, normalize feeding your dog at regular intervals with a measured and reduced amount of food. Significantly reduce unhealthy treats no matter how much you want to keep your buddy happy. Vetsend can help you with this.

Feed your dog more proteins and fewer carbohydrates

Protein-rich dog food helps to build more muscle, unlike carbs, which are converted to fats. The ideal weight-loss diet for your dog needs to be high in proteins, moderate in fats, and low in carbs.

Outdoor exercises

While you may not have the privilege of a backyard, walking your dog to the park provides physical stimulation, leading to weight loss over time. Therefore, consider a lengthier physical activity session for your obese dog. Encourage your potato couch to remain active to maintain a healthy weight.

High-fiber content dog foods

High fiber foods often interfere with digestion making your dog feel full, thus reducing their food intake. A fiber-rich diet has been known to prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Monitor your dog’s weight

Do this weekly to keep tag of your dog’s weight-loss milestones. You can either do it at home or take him to a veterinary clinic for weighing. This will also influence your dog’s attitude towards the clinic, as bad experiences are often brought to the clinic.

Infographic Created By Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Trusted Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

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