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How to Train Your Dog to Ride Cars

Of course, you want to bring your pet with you no matter where you go! Adventure awaits for the both of you and you’d like to make sure that he’s with you during the most memorable of times. You’ve probably seen pet owners take the ultimate road trip with their pets, and you want that as well!

But wait! What if your pet isn’t used to riding in cars? Some pet owners struggle with pets who refuse to enter cars or feel either sick or scared as they enter one. Not to worry, as you can train your dog to ride cars and prevent motion sickness and anxiety.

Read on for tips!

  1. Safety first!

Before letting your dog get in the car, make sure that you are prepared and that they stay safe! They should NOT wander around the car freely, as this can be dangerous if you come into an accident.

Secure your dog in a travel crate with a calming pet bed (you can find one from PetSwag) or secure them with a harness that has a seatbelt attachment. Keep them in the back seat.

  1. Teach them to love riding the car

Once you have everything prepared, introduce your dog to the car.

Let them go closer to the car, sniffing it until they are relaxed. Give them treats as they explore the car a few feet away, slowly walking with them towards the car door. Be patient, as this can take a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on how your dog feels about the car.

Once your dog is comfortable with the car, it’s time to teach them to enjoy the ride! Begin with very short distances, such as a few minutes of driving. Build up the time you spend driving in 2-minute increments, making every trip as fun as possible.

While driving, praise your dog and talk to them cheerfully. You can have someone help you out, praising your dog and giving treats as you focus on the road. The longer you drive for, start taking them to places they love, such as the dog park or nature trails, allowing your dog to play before heading back home.

The treats, praises, and fun destinations will have your dog look forward to their next car ride!

  1. Preventing dog motion sickness

Dogs tend to get motion sickness in the car, but this can be grown out of in time. But if it doesn’t, not to worry. Here are some tips to prevent anxiety and motion sickness:

  • First, set up dog car seat covers in case of any accidents
  • Lower your windows to give your dog fresh air
  • Keep a cool temperature in the car
  • Limit feeding your dog before the trip
  • Ask the vet about motion sickness medicine or dog pheromones for relaxation
  • Have your dog exercise before the ride to lessen stress

Wrapping It Up

If your dog is scared of riding a car, there are ways to lessen that fear! Follow these tips to keep your dog safe while enjoying the ride.

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