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Moving with Pets? Here is a Guide to Help

When planning for a move, it is essential to consider pet transportation. Although most people will think about how they pack their assets, they will generally forget about their pets. Making last-minute preparations is not the best option since you can have adequate time to plan for the move. Therefore, as soon as you are sure that you are moving, it is critical to start the preparations to move with your pet.

The Preparations

 Regardless of the transportation mode, it is essential to start the preparations early. It will help reduce the work you have to do during the moving day. Ensure you seek a suitable pet courier service and have a family member responsible for the planning. The pet courier company can help you with the things you need to do before the travel day. They will charge you depending on the services they will offer and the distance to move.

Know the Regulations

The regulations governing the transportation of animals differ from one region to another. Therefore it is crucial to know the laws in your current location and where you are moving to when planning transportation. Non-compliance to the regulations might lead to prosecution in a court of law. Some states will inspect our pet at the border, while others may require a health certificate in advance. Ensure you plan for the essentials before the travel to avoid any complications in the process.


A pet should undergo regular health assessments. The authorities may require the records to allow you to move with the pets across boundaries. It is crucial to go to a veterinarian soon you know about the relocation to get the necessary health documents. An invalid health certificate due to timeline expiry is not acceptable to the authorities, and it is why you need a recent assessment to get the permits.


It is essential to tag your pet to avoid losing them during a move. The same way you would label your assets when moving, pet tagging helps identify them quickly. It includes the pet’s name, the owner’s name, and the destination. Contacts are essential as the courier services need to contact you. You can include an alternative person’s details if you are not reachable.

The Relocation

It is not ideal to have the pet in the relocation truck, and it is why you need to make special arrangements for them. Alternatively, you can use the road or air pet courier services depending on the distance you will be moving. It is necessary to plan for their traveling container. However, you can drive them in your personal motor vehicle.

Depending on the mode of transport, there are instructions for pet relocation, and it is vital to adhere to them. You can enquire from the pet courier services to know how to undertake the initiative. The primary consideration is the weather and time to relocate a pet.


Keeping a pet in confinement during relocation is essential since it can be problematic when moving to a new location or when a stranger handles them.

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