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In this article we will discuss new business system technology solutions built around VoIP and excellence for the New Jersey business. We will focus on two popular solutions in particular: telephone solutions hosted and traditional IP PBX telephone systems.

The hosting system hosted is very interesting in the right environment. You only buy or rent individual phones. “Soft Switch” hosted outside the site. This seems to have the economic impact of the most under 20 users. This can bring many features and flexibility without increasing additional costs. You get a large phone system feature on the cost fraction. It’s really win-win in the right setting.

The IP PBX telephone system is more traditional model, the same concept but very different in its architecture. Now the server is on the shelf. Most companies are used to buying, renting or renting their telephone systems. You are in a hook and are responsible for system maintenance and software improvement. Software upgrades are a new concept that we need to receive with IP-based PBX. It is usually more an initial investment, although new designs with targeted solutions can be justified quickly with the correct implementation because feature-rich design offers many attributes “in the box”. In most cases, this type of solution utilizes the environment above 20 users.

Cost savings – New telephone system technology offers the ability to utilize the line / VoIP bar. By switching from traditional analog telephone lines to VoIP, or commonly known as SIP trunks, businesses can see savings immediately. SIP pants are sent via the internet. Most of these call plans offer unlimited calls or are sufficiently built in a few minutes that it is a cost-effective change. SIP pants also offer features that analog rods are not.

Flexibility – whether it’s a host solution or traditional IP PBX telephone system, both of which provide a business flexibility to grow their organizations outside of standard technology boundaries. Adding this remote employee save costs, the ability to activate incoming and outgoing calls through the web along with the use of the desktop interface all adds to the interesting properties of new technology.

Disaster Recovery – SIP Trunks offers a dynamic disaster recovery feature that is very expensive in the traditional telephone system model. You can now direct fast and easy calls from the web portal if the power or failure occurs.

Manufacturers of telephone systems offer similar features but some provide this feature better than others. Obviously a reliable, easy-to-use, easy to use and easy system to make changes will be high assessed by end users and vendors. Today’s research and development are focused on this VoIP offer. Very little attention is placed on a standard telephone system because the technology feeds itself and kicks to high teeth.

The main requirements for successful VoIP implementations are related to bandwidth and service quality (QoS). If you use public internet, there are occasional problems that need to be done with your internet service provider. The best case will be a managed circuit but it is not always feasible because of cost control.

Phone system technology is literally staring at our face. We can choose to take it with horns and let it help us direct our course or roll back us and be bitten behind.

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