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As a cat owner, buying your cat a cat tree or tower is the best thing you can do for it. It shows you are considerate about your pet as a cat tree provides your cat with the perfect place to play and sleep. It also saves your furniture from scratches from your cat as it comes with a safe scratching post.

When buying a cat tower, you will encounter a wide range of options available in terms of size, material, and functions. But worry not. Here are the things to evaluate to choose the best cat tree for your furry friend.

The size

Cat trees come in different sizes. While some are simple, others are multifunctional. So you must consider your cat’s size when choosing a cat tree. It should fit in the spot you want to place it in and should be suitable for your cat’s size. The tower should be high enough for your cat to enjoy climbing on, and the condo should accommodate your cat’s size comfortably as it sleeps. If you have several cats, you can opt for a cat tree for multiple cats to accommodate all of them.


When buying a cat tree, consider its functionality based on your cat’s personality. For instance, if you own a very active and playful cat, a multifunctional cat tree comes in handy. In contrast, a basic cat tree with a tower on top is enough if your cat is the quiet and docile type. A large cat tree with several platforms and a bed is enough for two or more cats. If your cat is too old to play, a simple cat tree will do just fine.


The design or appearance of the cat tree also matters. The basic design comes with a scratch post and a tower for your cat to rest during the day. A more elaborate one comes with a scratch post, a platform for perching, and a condo for lying or sleeping. It could also include some toys for fun and a house for hiding. Most importantly, ensure the cat tree has a scratching post, and it should be made of a strong and durable rope. That saves your furniture from cat scratches. A good tip is to ensure the cat tree matches the rest of your decor for the perfect aesthetics.


Cat trees can be designed from a wide range of materials, including wood, particleboard, rope, fabric, or carpet. A cat tree made of solid wood is more strong and durable. Also, carpet or fabric is soft and cozy, and cats love that a lot. Consider your cat’s preferences by observing it. While some like to scratch on the carpet, others like to scratch on a rope. For instance, if your cat is always outside scratching on a tree, a cat tree made of wood is suitable.


Last but not least, ensure the cat tree is durable. It should not wobble and should be sturdy enough even when the cat is scratching or jumping around. Remember, it is an investment for the long term, so you want it to last long.

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