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Portrait of My Pet

A pet portrait is an easy and simple way a dog owner can commemorate their furry companion. From dogs, to cats, to even birds, a pet portrait can be made for virtually any pet. With pets leaving a special place in their owners hearts it only makes sense for these amazing creatures to have a designated space within the house to be celebrated. Houses are often a place where people express who they are through their unique sense of style and personal touches. Making a pet portrait as one of these personal touches can be a huge hit and a great conversation starter for talking about your beloved pets. With today’s world of self isolation and quarantine it is still possible to get a portrait made without ever having somebody come into your home. With contactless services provided by some online services, portraits can be made by submitting photos of the subject and working with a digital designer to figure out how the composition will turn out. Once the digital mark up is created, it is sent to an artist of choice where they take the photo and create a hand painted replica adding depth, detail, and their own unique stylistic approach. Below are 3 reasons to get a pet portrait for your beloved animal.


Every family has heard stories of their grandparents’ beloved pet that was the smartest, most joyus, or most heroic pet. While these stories are amazing to hear second hand, many of these stories do not have a picture to accompany them. Having a pet portrait created of your pet allows you to keep the spirit of your pet alive long after their time on earth. You can tell stories of the journeys you and your pet embarked on and have a physical representation of them. Imagine being able to talk about your pet and look at a hand painted piece of art while you told the story. In this way the pet portrait can become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. In addition to being personally attached to a piece of artwork, pet portraits that are hand made are one of a kind. No two pet portraits will look the same as they are handmade and tailor made to look exactly like the pet. Creating a pet portrait is so much more than getting a picture printed as there is real effort, time, and love put into a painting.


Everybody knows an animal lover in their life that simply adores their pets and calls them a part of the family. When looking for gifts for these friends it may be easy to find pet themed items such as pet toys, shirts with their pets, or even special treats for their pet. These are all nice and thoughtful gifts but after a couple years can lose their specialness. Having a pet portrait made of their pet is a unique and one of a kind gift to surely stand out from other gifts. Many people do not know that they are able to commission a pet portrait and being gifted one is sure to be a welcomed surprise for any animal lover. To get a pet portrait it is as simple as uploading pictures of the pet, choosing an artist, and paying for the photo. Not only is this a great gift to receive, but it is also an incredibly rewarding gift to give. Being able to watch the person open a personalized gift that was made with thought is a feeling like no other. Stand out from the crowd at your next pet lover’s birthday or holiday and give the gift of a pet portrait. 

Memorial service

Pets are amazing creatures and give life to so many joyous times and memories. When pets pass away many owners feel the same mourning they would for a person because these pets are made to be a part of their family. While dogs can be buried or cremated, memorials have been a popular way for owners and families to process the death of a pet. Memorials are ment to celebrate the pets life and all the amazing memories that the pet created and having a pet portrait during these ceremonies is a good way for owners and families to be reminded of the wonderful pet they once had. 

Overall pet portraits can serve a multitude of different purposes. Creating a reminder of your pet specialness, creating a gift for a pet lover, and having a portrait for a memorial service are just some of the many utilizations of pet portraits. No matter the reason you choose to have a pet portrait commissioned, the portrait is guaranteed to be one of a kind and a piece of art. Being connected with an art piece allows people to feel more connected with it and creating a pet portrait does just that. 

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