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Realistic Paintings For Your Favorite Pet

We all have a favorite pet… the one that can sense when you’re sad or never fails to get excited when you walk through the front door, even if you’ve only been gone for a few minutes. Our pets have a very special place in our lives, one that nothing or no one else can fill. People choose to honor that bond in a variety of different ways – tattoos, jewelry, etc. – looking to find something that will be around for years to come. But no form of honoring your special pet is more unique and fun than having realistic pet paintings commissioned.

Why Choose Realistic Pet Paintings?

You may be wondering, what exactly is so special about realistic pet paintings and why should I have one commissioned?

The glory of these paintings isn’t just that they are a unique and creative piece of art that will be around for decades. They are also a way to really capture the special spirit that each individual pet has, one that can’t be recreated or reproduced in any other medium.

Realistic pet paintings can memorialize a pet that has passed away or honor one that is very much alive. They make great gifts, both for yourself or a member of the home that has a particularly strong relationship with your pet. They’re also just fun, adding an element of quirkiness and style to your home. And now, more than ever, realistic pet paintings are affordable and hassle-free. All you have to do is upload a photo and your one-of-a-kind creation will be on your walls in no time.

If you don’t have a place to hang a painting, there is an option for you, too. Your realistic pet painting can be turned into a phone case, so you can take your pet with you whenever you go.  

Nearly Unlimited Options

One of the best parts of commissioning realistic pet paintings is that there are a nearly unlimited amount of options for how you can showcase your pet.

For instance, is your pet male or female? You can go with a traditional renaissance king or queen outfit if that fits their personality. 

Is your pet friendly? Courageous? Energetic? Sleepy? Choose a soccer player or even just have them put your pet in a simple hoodie.

Or are you particularly into a fandom? There are options for that, too! Pick from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel characters, and more.

Regardless of how you ultimately choose to have your realistic pet painting created, make sure you select one that really fits their personality. That’s the real difference between a good pet painting and a great one. 

What If I Can’t Pick a Favorite Pet?

Ok, so maybe you don’t have a favorite pet. That’s ok – there are options for that too! 

You can get realistic pet paintings commissioned of multiple pets as well. Why not get your pets painted into American Gothic or both wearing renaissance dresses? There are plenty of ways that these paintings can be catered to two, three, or even four pets. The only limit is your imagination and ability to get good quality photos to turn into the painting. You don’t have to make a choice, you can showcase all of your pets in one realistic pet painting.

Getting Good Quality Realistic Pet Paintings

Now that you have a little bit better idea about what you want your realistic pet painting to look like, let’s talk a little about how to get the best possible outcome. There are a few tips to take into account so that you can send in high quality photos that your artist can turn into a piece of artwork you’ll enjoy for years and years.

First of all, pay attention to the lighting. Don’t take your photo inside under fluorescent lights, if possible. Outdoor, natural lighting is important to really capture all the nuances that make your pet special and unique. It is also much easier to see the true color of your pet’s coat, so that your painting will be as true to life as possible.

You’ll also want to take the picture at your pet’s eye level. While they don’t necessarily need to be looking at you, having a clear shot that includes every part of your pet’s face will result in the best possible painting. Make sure that you capture your pet’s personality though, no matter what you do. That’s the most important part of getting realistic pet paintings.

In the end, realistic pet paintings are one of the coolest, most fun ways to make sure your favorite pet is front and center in your home. Give your pet the place of honor they deserve, while capturing what makes them so special to you, by commissioning your own work of art with your pet as the star they were always meant to be.

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