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School Startup: Vision that is clear and convincing is very important for success

A clear and interesting vision is very important for all schools, regardless of the stage of their development. However, at the stage no more important than startup. Vision for new school drives practically all decisions during startup and so on. The school will experience greater success with student learning, faculty and staff performance, and parental satisfaction when school vision is clear and interesting. A strong vision focuses on student learning, describes the philosophy, culture and values ​​of school education, and establishes the direction of the school.

The school vision statement is the foundation for the most important aspect in preparation to open schools – faculty and staff elections. Teachers and leaders determine the quality of school services, student learning, parental satisfaction and more. You can say, there are many types of teachers and very good leaders. The trick is to have the right advantage on the bus. Excellent teachers for traditional schools that emphasize memorizing learning may run badly in a progressive environment with an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Vision and mission statements developed properly will encourage the recruitment of the faculty and staff and help avoid poor teachers. Every faculty staff and bus ride staff to open school must be fully devoted to school vision and mission.

Likewise, parents need to know the type of experience they and their children will have informed decisions. The education philosophy that is well-developed provides parents who are good about academic and social expectations, values, and school culture. Satisfaction or shortcomings of parents can make or destroy schools in the early years. It is very important that parents truly understand the mission, values ​​and culture of the school. The mismatch between expectations and reality can cause serious dissatisfaction among parents. Conversely, when the expectations and dreams of parents for their children are in harmony with their school philosophy, mission and service, the results are very strong.

Schools are complex institutions. In the absence of a strong vision and mission, the education program becomes fragmented, learning students suffer, the moral decline in faculty and poor parents. Without clear ideas about what’s important, work can be no focus and feel like boring. Without a clear direction, planning, and decision making about the program, curriculum and instructions can be difficult. Clear and interesting vision helps everyone in the school community stay focused on school goals and reasons to be part of the school community.

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