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Seven Essential Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Keeping your house clean can be quite challenging, especially when you own a pet. Pet owners can feel this. Like, no matter what you do to clean your house, your cat or dog will slowly take over the house again to untidy it by spreading fur all over.

When cleaning the house, you can use white vinegar to remove any pet smell or stain from the carpet. All you will do is to make a water and vinegar solution and spray the stained areas. Leave the solution to dry for some time before wiping. Cleaning the house won’t be enough without cleaning your pet(s). Below are some vital pet cleaning tips to bear in mind.

 Cleaning the Pet After Being Out

Pets, especially dogs, tend to play in mud and dirt when outside of the houses. Instead of having to scrub any dirt brought about by your pet, you might consider cleaning it instead. You can use wet clothing to wipe the pet’s paws before it enters the house. You can also train the pet to wait outside until fully attended to.

Deep-Cleaning All Pet Collars and Toys

Cleaning the pets’ collars and toys is much vital in ensuring the cleanliness of your house as well as your pet. For instance, collars tend to smell much fast bringing in an unpleasant odor to the house. The fastest and the easiest way of cleaning pet-related items like the collars and toys is soaking them into dishwater. You can also use a dog shampoo and hot water for a more effective deep cleaning. Rinse the items after you are done and leave them to dry. Deep-cleaning the pets’ toys and collars will not only keep your home from unpleasant smells but also will keep the pet clean and fresh.

Brushing the Pets Regularly

Fur is quite a big cleanliness challenge faced by all pet owners. It would help if you had a strict cleaning schedule of scooping up the pet’s fur. Most importantly, you might consider regularly grooming the pet to minimize fur around the house.

Grooming the pet can involve brushing it, maybe weekly. Brushing the pets, especially the cat, will minimize some health problems like hairballs and constipation. In addition, some pets love it when they are being brushed.

Cleaning the Pet Beds using a Baking Powder

The pet beds should be removable for easier washing. Cleaning them using a regular detergent or mild soap is not enough, and you might want to add a cup of baking powder. Besides being an excellent anti-bacterial agent, baking powder is also fantastic in neutralizing odors. Similarly, you can use a pet odor exterminator to eliminate any odor in the pet beds and other pet-related accessories.

Scoop and Clean the Litter Box 

Sometimes, the litter box produces an unpleasant smell the seriously stinks the house. If the litter box is consistently smelling, you might not be washing it properly. Ensure to empty the litter box ideally twice a day. Also, it would help if you washed the box every week to keep your house smelling clean and fresh no matter how many pets you own.


Having a clean home is essential to everyone. Still, if you are a pet owner, cleaning your pets regularly will add to the cleanliness of your home. The above tips will guarantee a sparkling clean pet to clean your home becomes much more manageable.

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