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Steps to cook perfect steak

There is nothing better than runny steak food for dinner, whatever this season. There are many ways to cook steaks because there are meat varieties. The best way all use dry heat, because it allows the exterior to caramel and chocolate, provides meat with more flavor.

Before cooking or baking steaks, allow it to reach at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prevent the steak from the contract when it meets heat, which causes it to be harder. Rare steaks must be cooked up to 120 degrees, while rarely up to 125 degrees, and medium to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the steak sit for five to ten minutes before served so that the juice will distribute themselves while the meat keeps cooking.

Purists will drop the steak right above the grill at this time, but there is a way to spice up steaks without saving it in several types of spices. Dry rub works very well, like the mixture of spices. By adding a little extra virgin olive oil to the surface of the steak, the mixture can be rubbed without having to print meat. Of course, printing meat will allow the spices to penetrate deeper, add a taste throughout the steak.

Heat your grill so it’s good and hot before putting the steak on it. The steak will take around 8-12 minutes to cook, depending on how well you want the steak done. One key component for cooking the perfect steak is to make sure it just turns once. For example, if you make it ripe rare, it must be cooked for about four minutes and then turn around, four minutes and removed.

The steak might look intimidation, but it’s actually one of the easiest things to cook on the grill. Playing with a different combination of marinad or dry rub until the combination is found that you really enjoy. After you find the secret combination, remember to cook steak at room temperature and just change it once. The steak will be cooked evenly and has a beautiful grill mark that makes your mouth water.

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