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The Best Apps for Pet Lovers

Being a pet owner involves responsibility. Pet lovers hardly see such responsibility as a burden. All they want is their animal friends to live the best possible life. However, in these fast-pacing days, with busy schedules and even busier heads, remembering everything your pet needs can be tricky. Perhaps, it’s your first time having a pet, and you don’t really know what to do.

Anyway, don’t worry. There are plenty of great apps out there to help you. Check them out!

Friendship Without Frontiers


There are apps for everything these days. A sizable portion of pet-oriented apps are dedicated to dogs and cats. Yet, other apps include rabbits, turtles, and others. It means the same smartphone you use to play your favourite games at sites like casino.netbet.co.uk or watch Netflix action series, can also be used to help your best furry friend have a better life.

Here, we’ve separated the most popular pet-related apps for different needs.


Apps like Pet Adoption UK and Petamiko can help you find your next companion. The first option connects prospective owners to donors in a Tinder-like fashion. The other takes a quite different approach. Petamiko is available for Android and iOS, and owners can find new friends for their animals.

Here, users can find a second pet for adoption, according to their current pet’s traits. The platform deals with dogs, cats, and other indoor animals. Other features include reminders for vaccination, meals, and medicine.

First Aid

Do you know how to help your furry (or feathery) friend should an emergency arrive? You’re not alone, and there are apps to help you here too. Pet First Aid was created by the American Red Cross and contained extremely valuable information for many occasions. It covers 25 everyday situations involving indoor pets. PupTox Reference is handy for dog owners. It lists more than 250 toxins that can be dangerous to your dog.



Countless apps can help improve your pet’s general well-being, from reminders to trainers. There are even social media-like apps where owners can create profiles for their animals and integrate with other owners around.

Apps like Bark Happy, MyPet Reminders and 11pets are popular choices. This last one helps owners find groomers, vets, and shops nearby. It also includes health tips for all sorts of distinctly diverse animals, from rabbits to snakes.

Different Locations, Same Needs

The apps listed in this article might have a few coverage restrictions. Still, they were mentioned here as examples of how you can use your smartphone to improve your animal’s life. There are thousands of pet-related apps out there, and you’re sure to find similar options to those listed here.

These apps are perfect for keeping you on track with your pet-owner obligations. Pets are sentient beings; they have physical and emotional needs that must be met. It’s easy to forget vaccination dates or overlook minor symptoms amid the hurry of our daily lives. On the bright side, we bring our smartphones with us everywhere. So there’s no reason for forgetting your duties as an owner if you get technology to play on your side.

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