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The Best Types of Winter Wear For Your Dog

The winter weather is in full swing right now here in Australia and your pooch is feeling it just like you are. When you want to bundle up, so does your doggo! That favorite sweater that sits in the back of your closet waiting for the first sprinkle of rain? They make one almost exactly like it for your furry friend.

Matching the right piece of clothing to your pooch is a process of knowing your doggo well and one of elimination. We have put together a guide for you, as a helpful starting point. We want to express that no matter what jacket choice you go with, you will need to keep an eye out on their heat levels and comfort. Make sure to give them treats such as the yogurt drops for dogs to encourage them while trying on clothes.

Should my doggo be wearing clothes?

That question only you, the owner of your furry friend, can answer. Depending on weight, size and coat type can make a huge difference. If you live in a cold climate and have a very little doggo or one with little fur, it’s probably a good idea to consider a coat. Also research strategies on how to keep your dog warm in winter.

Fleece Sweater

This is the easiest sweater to start your doggo off with if they have never worn a sweater before. They are super easy to slip on and off, no zippers or fuss. Simply slip the sweater on over the head and loop their legs through the two leg holes.

This is recommended for smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas, Jack Russel, and any ‘toy’ breed. They can be used for bigger doggos too, however, keep in mind that they overheat easier.

Fleece retains heat better, so it is better for windy and rainy weather. Especially when going out for walkies. As the doggo gains body temperature from doing exercise, the fleece sweater will keep the heat in.

The only negative is the possibility of overheating. If you take your doggo for a walk in a fleece sweater, make sure to check their nose and temperature throughout and right after.

If you find a lightweight fleece sweater (something that is one layer and thin) it is perfect for all daywear.

Wool Blend

The wool blend sweater is perfect for the cooler weather. It is the perfect fashionable choice as well as a practical one. This is once again a great pull-over option and great for the smaller doggos among us.

Wool is wonderful and warm, however does not have the same insulating features. It is super breathable which means that you can leave the sweater on all day and not worry about overheating too much. It is still recommended that you check on them regularly for temperature and signs of overheating.

The wool blend is not recommended for the rain. It will soak it in and become cold very quickly. When letting your pooch outside or taking them for a walk, take this sweater off and think about going with a waterproof option.


Some doggos go crazy for running around in the rain. They love the feeling of wet soil and water on their fur. However, some really don’t and if you have one of those doggos, they might not like going outside if its wet and dirty. If that’s the case, a raincoat might be the way to go.

A raincoat can either be super lightweight, or a thicker one that has an underlayer. If it is super cold and rainy, a heavier raincoat might be best if you live in a colder climate. However, with that comes a slight chance of overheating. When walked, your furry friend exerts themselves and sweat into their coats. Raincoats aren’t sure breathable so chose a raincoat dependant on your climate. If your climate is on the warmer side most of the time, go for a lightweight raincoat and if the weather gets super cold, add a lightweight sweater (like a wool blend, as mentioned above) underneath accordingly.

Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket for dogs is similar to one we can buy for ourselves. They are lightweight but hold onto hat well. Normally they have a zipper or Velcro.

These jackets are great for short-term wear. Due to the zipper or jacket, they are also great for bigger dogs. Bigger dogs have an easier time with jackets that don’t need to be slipped over the head and legs.

Bomber jackets come in all shapes and sizes. They can have warm linings, which can provide warmth, but also have a waterproof outside layer which is great in cases where there is snow or rain.

What if my doggo doesn’t like to wear clothes?

Some doggos don’t like to wear clothes, and that’s okay.

However, if you want to get them into clothing, the best tip is to take it slow and start early. Try giving your pooch a bully stick at first when they have the coat on. A chew treat will distract them while they get used to the new sensation of wearing a jacket.

 Next, try using the technique of introducing the clothing slowly, not all at once. It is probable it will take a while for them to get used to it. Try out different ways to reward your doggo for going longer periods with the jacket on. For example, take your doggo for a long walk while they have their jackets on.

Find the best dog natural dog treat for them and use that as a way to encourage them to keep trying the jackets. Remember this, trying new clothes on can be a great bonding exercise for you and your doggo!

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