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Training Your Kitten to Use the Litter Box

Cats are generally tidy creatures, but if you’ve recently adopted a new cat or kitten, you might find that they struggle to use the litter tray. Many kittens come into their new homes having learnt to use a litter box, and even those who haven’t are aided by a strong instinct to hide the evidence once they’ve done the deed.

It’s crucial to remember to be gentle with your kitten and not to lash them if they dispose outside of their litter box. They won’t understand why you’re scolding them, and they’ll become stressed and anxious as a result.

The supplies you’ll need to train your kitten:

  • Litter Boxes

If this is your first cat, you’ll want to start with two litter boxes because it’s a good idea to have one more than the number of cats who will be using them.You can purchase the best cat litter box for your cat and place these in spots that are both accessible and private. Your cat might not feel secure enough to use them if they’re too exposed.

  • Kitty Litter

You’ll find a wide range of solutions, from low-cost non-clumping clay litter to high-end, environmentally friendly options. While many cats aren’t fussy about the type of litter they use, some are. They won’t use litter if they don’t like the texture or fragrance. Start with a normal, odourless clumping litter, and once your cat is thoroughly litter trained, you can try other options.

  • Treats

Reward your furry companion with a cat treat or a piece of dry cat food when you spot it using the litter box. To build pleasant connections with using the litter box, you could also use toys and praise. However, you’ll have to wean them off expecting a food treat every time they are using the box at some point.

How To Train A Kitten

Show cats their boxes as soon as they arrive by placing the cat inside and allowing them to inspect and sniff them. To avoid confusion, don’t rearrange the containers once you’ve shown them to your cat.

After meals and when your cat wakes up from naps, place it in one of the boxes. Scoop the cat and place them in the litter box if you observe them acting like they need to go, which could include sniffing or crouching in a certain spot.

When you notice them using the litter box, give them a reward. Praise them and reward them with a toy or a treat.

Reasons Why A Cat May Not Use The Litter Box

  • Illness

If the cat has a urinary tract condition, they may urinate outside the litter box, particularly if they are very noisy when wanting to pee. If your cat is displaying signs of a urinary condition, you should take them to the veterinarian for treatment.

  • Location

The location of your cat’s litter tray is crucial. The veterinarians advise that there should be at least two trays supplied to the cat. These should be kept in a quiet corner of the house, away from their water and food sources.

  • Stress

If your cat is agitated, he or she is more prone to have accidents in your home.

  • Age

The litter tray may be confusing to very young cats who have not been educated by their mothers. Similarly, elderly cats that aren’t used to using a litter tray may be hesitant to do so at first, especially if they’re accustomed to going outside to relieve themselves.

Training your kitten to use a litter box is essential, it will save your time and can reduce the amount of work that you will need to do.

Just like their big cat cousins, your little kitten prefers to use the toilet in private. That’s why it’s important to keep their litter tray in a quiet, safe place where they can access it easily and use it without being observed. Having the right equipment will come in handy when training the kitten, and the right steps will guide you to success.

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