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What are the tips when you are breeding a parrot?

It is the perfect guide for people interested in breeding birds, especially green parrot, and they are starting to discover. These are the essential things you need to know when you are still considering breeding birds or your first time breeding. It will help you to what kind of information you need to know to help take care of your birds. You must ensure that you can handle the birds because breeding parrots can be time-consuming. And it requires your total commitment.

When you have a pair, you like to raise babies themselves or plan to sell them. But you also have to be prepared for problems that can arise. You have to separate them when they are fighting, incubating, fostering eggs, or hand-feeding when they fail to feed their young chick. You need enough budget in reserve when you need to see a vet when there is an emergency. And when you are working and arrive late at night, you need to have another person take care of your birds while away. When the birds fail to feed their chick, you can get it from the nestbox and take care of it.

There are still a lot of circumstances that you need to be prepared for, especially when it is about the parrot. It needs your full attention and time when you decide to take care of them.

Identify what breed

Some people decide to breed because they are handling several birds, and they think it is time to get mates for them. You have to keep away from the original pet for the birds to bond. They will accept the new bird as their new mate when they feel lonely. After they take it, they will feel aggression and jealousy about you. Some people, when they are outbreeding, can settle for two pairs. However, they are thinking of getting more teams. It is an ideal move when you know how to care for them. There is nothing wrong with it. You have to plan on how you can take care of them.

Setting up to pairs

To successfully breed, you need to have a male and female. The parrot family members are primarily monomorphic, which means the adult’s looks are the same. Even those dimorphic birds, adult females, and males are different. The differences will show until they are mature enough. You will identify when they are adults when there are changes in their physical appearances.

Planning the cages

Most people breeding parrots are not clipping the bird’s wings as they allow them to use an entire flight for exercise. When their wings are unclipped, they can freely balance while mating, essential for breeding. With this, you have to plan out the birds’ cages. Ideally, you give room to allow them to fly. The breeding cages are longer than higher because the height of the pen doesn’t provide a bigger space. The cell’s width must be wide to allow its wings to spread and take flight. It is good to make a cage to estimate how long and wide you want the pen, especially when having a couple of pairs.

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