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What should I look for in senior dog food?

With aging, the health conditions of dogs change, and their nutritional needs alter correspondingly. As these adorable pets grow old, they become susceptible to issues like appetite loss, cognitive problems, arthritis, and obesity. It becomes crucial to buy dog food for senior dogs from one of the branded manufacturers. For diabetic dogs, you need to procure food containing more fiber and lower fat content. Some of the older pets might also face constipation issues. By consulting the veterinarian, you can choose the right food for senior dogs.

Compared to standard dog food, meals formulated for senior dogs contain more sources of protein. It enables their body to maintain muscle mass and weight. Besides, branded food for dogs wouldn’t exert pressure on the kidneys.

What are the signs of dogs aging?

If your dog has been aging, you will come to know it through any of these symptoms.

  • Skin issues and lump problems
  • Vision problems
  • Impaired mobility
  • Excessive weight gain or loss
  • Dental problems like excessive drooling and bad breath
  • Loss of memory
  • Behavioral issues like irritation or confusion
  • Abnormal sleep patterns
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Osteoarthritis

Depending on the ailments that affect your dog, the veterinarian would recommend the right kind of food. Here are some of the senior dog food solutions that you might find relevant.

  1. Give supplements to pets

Joint pain and arthritis affect many senior dogs. This explains why you would come across several senior dog foods containing chondroitin sulfate and contain glucosamine. However, when you purchase these packages for your dog, make sure that they do not have human formulations, but veterinary ones.

However, senior dogs also benefit from slimming down to address problems like joint pain. Proper weight management with low-fat food can help them manage their weight.

  1. Ensure adequate protein

A common misconception among pet owners is that senior dogs need less protein. However, you need to provide adequate protein to healthy senior dogs. This helps them to keep their muscles fuelled. Given that muscle loss affects a large number of older dogs, you cannot afford to take away protein from their meals. The deficiency of protein can aggravate their health condition, and in the later years, they might need assistance during walking.

Compared to the younger ones, senior dogs need significantly more protein. The average adult dog diet doesn’t contain adequate protein. With branded senior dog food, you can address the nutritional requirements of your pet.

  1. Calculate the calories

While younger dogs tend to become obese quickly, senior dogs might become underweight. It’s imperative to calculate the number of calories your older dog should consume. Depending on various factors like breed and age, the caloric intake ranges between 246 and 408 calories a cup. Based on the recommendation of the veterinarian, you need to choose the right dog food online for senior pets. This would enhance their longevity and keep illness away.

  1. Focus on organ health

Organ health deserves special attention in senior dogs. Without adequate care, they might experience kidney and heart ailments. Experts recommend food containing low amounts of sodium to address this issue. Again, if your pet has kidney issues, experts would recommend low-phosphorous food for them. Therefore, based on the specific health conditions of your senior dog, you need to buy branded dog food.

Veterinarians often recommend prescription diets to address kidney diseases, heart disease, and other conditions. Accordingly, you can address the nutritional needs of the pet. Once you get these recommendations, simply reach out to one of the reputed portals and purchase the corresponding product. This way, you can keep your adorable pet healthy and free from illnesses even during their old age.

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