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Why Does My Dog Do That?

If you’re a new – or even experienced – dog owner, then you’ll spend a lot of your time asking yourself ‘why does my dog do that?’. Whether it’s the way they play, pulling on the lead to get to a seemingly innocuous hedge or strange health problems, we’re taking a look at some of the things our dog does and why.

Why Does My Dog Throw Up?

Dealing with diarrhea and vomiting dog upset stomach symptoms is a fact of life when you own one, but it’s well worth trying to understand why it happens!

The most common causes of vomiting in dogs are, strangely enough, under eating and over eating. If a dog eats too much, too quickly then you might find your pet throwing up undigested food soon after mealtimes. It might be simply because they love their food, or if you have several dogs, because they feel they have to compete for food and eat theirs before it gets eaten! Try separating out your pets at feeding time, or if that doesn’t work, put a tennis ball in their food bowl to slow them down!

If dogs’ digestive systems don’t have something to work on, their stomachs can react badly, and you might find your dog has left a small puddle of bile for you in the morning. If this happens on a regular basis, try reorganising your feeding schedule to add a small meal just before bed, to keep them digesting overnight!

Why Does My Dog Roll?

Dogs roll around on their backs for many reasons, but often they revolve around scent. Dogs will often roll around with their toys because they have a pleasant, comforting scent that they want to share – it might also be because they like the sensation of it against their skin!

Some dogs like to roll in smelly substances like fox poo. Sometimes they do this to rid themselves of a scent they don’t like. If your dog rolls around on the ground after a bath, it might be because they don’t like the shampoo you’ve chosen. They might also be indulging in the instinctual behaviour of using a strong scent to mask their own and disguise themselves from prey. There’s no use punishing them for instinctive behavior like this – if your dog is prone to rolling, you’ll need to be vigilant when you’re out walking and ready to distract and move them on!

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

One of the longest running jokes on Frasier was Eddie the Jack Russell, and his fixation on staring at Frasier, to the radio psychiatrist’s great discomfort. If your dog stares at you, there’s no need to feel awkward! This is how your dog expresses its deep affection for you. Meeting your dog’s eye when it stares at you can stimulate the release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, and create a deeper bond.

Dogs can also stare at you to get your attention, and this is how many pet dogs beg for treats or table scraps at meals. It can take a strong human to resist the hungry stare of their four legged friend!

Dogs can also use staring as a way of establishing dominance, to stand their ground or ward off threats. You should never stare down a strange dog. If one tries, it’s best to back away slowly without making eye contact to show you’ve heeded the warning.

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