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Why Eating Different Animal Ears Preferred As A Best Treat For Dogs?

Dogs will always prefer one kind of food over the other. Some dogs might like a chicken, while others would prefer beef. But what no one can deny is that many dogs love meat. So it is up to you to serve them their favorite dish made just for them.

Different items are preferred by dogs when it comes to the flesh of different animals. Apart from all other parts, ears are mostly lovable, and there are different ear treats you can serve your canine. Here are described few of them:

  1. Cow ears:

Cow ears are mostly available in frozen food stores. So if you are going to purchase it, then make sure that you have chosen the best quality one. Some dogs like cow ear food full of meat, and others prefer it as a treat for their teeth.

The cow ears for dogs also come in different shapes and sizes; you can get as small as a quarter or up to half an inch long, but there is no need to worry because once your dog eats them, they will love them. But when it is to cats, usually they do not like them, maybe because of the smell or the thought that they might be poisonous, so never give them to cats when they are hungry.

  1. Pig ears:

There are different pig ears for dogs, and these are usually available in fresh or frozen form. Dogs love pig ears because they do not smell and are crunchy. They can let their teeth bite them. It can be chewed very well, unlike other treats.

Dog trainers sometimes use them while training dogs because they can be chewed with ease, so the owner can easily hold onto the treat while training his dog, but caution is advised if you have small breed dogs at home as they might swallow it whole.

  1. Rabbit ears:

If you have never tried or have not heard about rabbit ears for dogs, you should try to give it a try as your dog will love them. Rabbits are quite friendly, and they will not bite you until you start chasing them. Most people think they would be poisoned when they go to market as they have been stolen from farms searching for meat, but no, that is right.

They are always full of meat and will never give you any problems. Just make sure that you get fresh ears and get some in the frozen form if possible. The frozen ones will remain fresh for much longer than the fresh ones.

  1. Veggie ears:

There are different veggie ears for dogs that you can give to your dogs, such as tuna, other fish, catfish, and beaver tails. The only thing is that these should not be given to dogs that tend to eat things that they shouldn’t. Anyways you should always choose the best quality if you give them to your dogs.


It is advised that you should always check the ingredients of different ear treats and make sure that they are not spicy; it means that the tongue of your dog should not burn after eating them.

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