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Why your business needs an Ethernet business today

Why use business ethernet services for your internet connectivity? If you see a successful business virtu business today, whether it is big or small, there are various reasons why success is successful, but one aspect that has a similarity of business, almost all the boards, is that they all have a reliable and solid connection to the internet , In the world today where customers expect rapid response, they are no longer willing to install telephone tags or voicemails, but require available attention 24 hours a day via email and online chat.

It’s easy for customers to find out when a company is “cheap” using cable services or DSL for their internet access, and almost immediately their opinions about your business drop some notches. They are looking for, and it’s true, that if you are going to be cheap on your internet access, then it must be a part of your company’s philosophy or culture, and the possibility is better than it’s very good so you will also find ways to “cheap out” on the product or offer your service. Is that a fair assessment? Maybe not, but it is a fact about the truth in the mind of your potential customers.

Consumers become smart and more understanding technology. They began to understand that cables and DSL provide shared connections, where you share your circuit segment with 75-150 or more businesses and other residences in your area, even if it is labeled “business class”, which basically means nothing Concrete or can be determined. You have nothing in writing from DSL or Cable Carrier which states how much bandwidth will be available for you anytime, so even though there are their ads, the nonsense they give to you meet your service contract requirements. Shouldn’t it be a clue for you?

Also know that cable providers and DSL do not make money unless they subscribe to subscribe to their circuits. That means zero opportunity for you for special, consistent, or reliable connections, and also operators on the hook to provide the rock-solid connection you get.

With Stark contrast, see T1, tied T1 and in particular, business Ethernet services. With this type of circuit, you have a contractual commitment from the carrier as far as how much bandwidth you have for you anytime, 24×7, with guaranteed uptime 99.99%. You have the same speed up and down, while your “ride” speed with DSL and the cable often rival the dial-up connection speed, even though they don’t advertise that fact.

So far, your best bang for money with 10 Mb Ethernet, and Ethernet speed can rise to 100 MB Ethernet, Ethernet 250MB, even as high as multi gigabit ethernet. It is not available everywhere but becomes increasingly easily available throughout the country, and is no longer only in the main Metro area. Ethernet is a special connection, which means that you don’t share your circuit segment with businesses and other residences in the area, as you do with DSL and cables, and Ethernet comes from a reliable operator with the same SLA (service level agreement) T1 and like that.

Ethernet in the form of 10 MB Ethernet and 20 MB Ethernet can be delivered on fiber or copper, with one that comes with guaranteed written performance and contractual commitment, although more than 20 Mb Ethernet is almost always available on fiber.

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