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Why Your Cat Needs Health Insurance

Cats might seem more independent and low-maintenance compared to dogs but they still need a lot of care and attention and they can suffer from a number of health conditions. Despite their self-sufficient nature, you must still take your cat to the vet for its yearly checkups.

What Is Pet Insurance?

The pet insurance company will reimburse most of your pet’s medical expenses, especially veterinary bills whenever your cat gets injured or sick. Normally, pet insurance is linked to vet costs and bills.

The proper cat medical insurance plan will help you save money while affording the best treatment that you can find and that your cat deserves. At the same time, you will be protected against unforeseen medical expenses that your feline friend might need.

Why Your Cat Needs Health Insurance

There are numerous reasons why your cat needs pet insurance. Here are some of the most important ones.

a. All Cats Are at Risk

Regardless of what most cat owners think, both indoor and outdoor cats might risk different illnesses and accidents that require medical treatment. Many indoor cats could chew a houseplant and certain plants are toxic. This will lead to you grabbing your cat and rushing to the emergency pet clinic.

Other potential injuries happen when kittens jump from a certain height without judging it appropriately. Many cats deal with ear infections and heart conditions during their lifetime.

b. Vet Bills Are Expensive

Treatment costs for your cat are quite high regardless of its breed or age. Every day, dozens of cat owners must cover their pet’s vet bills and each of those bills is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. From diagnostics to prescription meds and other types of treatments, you will have to pay a lot of money to keep your pet healthy and safe.

Medical insurance for your pet will cover most of those expenses which helps you make decisions based on what your cat really needs instead of the treatment you can afford.

c. Pet Insurance Covers Exam Fees and Wellness Products

Responsible cat owners take their feline friends to the vet for their annual wellness checkup even if they are healthy. Pet insurance will reimburse you for things such as tick medications, fecal exams, de-worming, and other preventative medical procedures.

d. Cat Insurance Is Easy and Affordable

Pet insurance resembles human medical insurance but there’s a difference: the first one relies on reimbursement which means you must pay the bill first and submit a claim for reimbursement later to your insurance provider.

Most pet insurance companies offer customizable plans which are a major perk.

Signs that Could Indicate Health Problems

Regardless of your cat’s age, as soon as it shows any signs of health problems, like the ones presented below, you should take it to the vet:

  • Sneezing, coughing, or runny nose;
  • Excessive licking;
  • Frequent vomiting;
    •  Bald spots;
  • Avoiding the litter box;
  • Greater or diminished urination, eating, drinking, or defecation;
  • Modification in its sleeping patterns or general activity;
  • Weight loss; etc.

If you want your cat to remain relaxed on the way to the vet, you could place a treat or a toy in its carrier.

How to Use Cat Insurance

Here’s how to properly use your cat insurance plan to achieve its benefits. The process is quite straightforward actually:

  • Enroll in a plan – you must purchase an insurance plan if you want to benefit from cost coverage in the future. Just choose a plan that the company has to offer and be willing to pay your monthly premium;
  • Check if the waiting period has ended – the majority of pet insurance options come with a waiting period. This is the time between enrolling in a plan and the moment in which coverage is offered. It is a variable that depends a lot on the type of insurance plan you choose to purchase. Usually, the waiting period lasts around two weeks and, sometimes, even less;
  • Take your cat to its regular vet checkups as usual – whenever your cat gets injured or sick, you should immediately take it to your regular vet or a pet emergency clinic;
  • Submit a claim – once the health problem is solved, you must submit a claim to your cat insurance provider. Most of the companies will probably require you to send a photo of the invoice in order to include it in your customer account. Some providers could also ask for other paperwork but that isn’t always the case;
  •  Get paid – in the end, you will be reimbursed for your cat’s medical bill. The best health insurance policy covers up to 90% of the total cost that’s necessary for your pet’s treatment.


Getting cat insurance is a great idea that will help you sustain your pet’s health bills and provide it with all the proper medical treatments that it needs. Do your research and find a suitable pet insurance provider.



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